drumasonic LUXURY

  • The new video

    See and hear LUXURY in action.



  • Luxurious features

    For all drummers, producers and engineers.


    • Sticks, rods, brushes

    • Snare wires on/off

    • Up to ten mics

  • Efficient workflow

    Realize your creative visions faster.


    • Lightning-fast user interface

    • Superior e-drum performance

    • Integrated groove player

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More details

99,00 €

drumasonic LUXURY. The new reference.

  • Unique drum kit, providing 3 bass drums, 2 snare drums, 5 toms, 3 hihats, 2 rides, 4 crashes, recorded in an extremely "pushing" room.

  • Now including a third "bonus" snare drum!

  • All included kits can be played with sticks, rods or brushes - with or without snare wires, with several round robin sets.

  • Up to ten microphone signals per instrument allow for a virtually unlimited mixing flexibility and sonic diversity.

  • Great e-drum playability: enjoy natural-sounding flams, rolls, cymbal chokes and incredibly realistic hihat control.

  • Built-in preset system: choose from a huge selection of pre-mixed drum kits, or simply create your own mix.

  • Integrated groove player with extremely flexible and musical groove modification capabilities, providing shuffle, quantize, delay, velocity per instrument category and much more.

  • Shipping with a groove library containing hundreds of production-ready grooves, fills and elements.

  • The integrated mapping converter allows for seamless integration of 3rd party groove libraries.

  • Versatile integrated mixing engine providing state-of-the-art effects, such as EQ, compressor, transient shaper, tape saturation, convolution reverb, delay, and master limiter.

  • Superior phase correlation: no matter which mic signals you combine, drumasonic will always sound fat and natural.

  • More than 30,000 samples, condensed into a streamlined user interface: mix your drums faster and easier than ever before.

  • Advanced voice reduction technology and efficient purge features: deactivate unused instruments, microphones, articulations or beaters to save memory and optimize the performance.


The Instruments Page

  • Choose from up to ten freely combinable microphones per instrument model. Thanks to optimized phase correlation, your drums will "sit in the mix" like never before. Additionally, drumasonic LUXURY contains a selection of synthetic drum sounds which can be layered with the acoustic samples in order to create powerful metal, drum'n'bass and and pop kits.

  • The extremely powerful engine provides a comprehensive mixing surface per instrument model, offering mute/solo, panning, balance, stereo width control and volume envelopes for every single microphone signal. In addition, you can adjust the velocity curve, modulations, pitch, delay, and "shape", per instrument model.

  • Flexible routing options: route your signals to either the integrated bus mixer or to direct outputs.

  • Streamlined user interface: use the advanced link modes to control multiple knobs or faders simultaneously and activate the "all" modes to control several instruments and/or instrument categories at once.

  • When "follow MIDI" is enabled, the selecting of instruments and/or articulations will follow the incoming MIDI notes.


drumasonic LUXURY's instruments page

The Articulations Page

  • drumasonic LUXURY provides mapping presets for several e-drum sets and all major drum software formats. 

  • Create and store custom mappings within minutes via the convenient mapping section. 

  • Comprehensive e-drum adjustability: set velocity, volume, pitch, panning, and modulations for every single drumpad/articulation.

  • BeaterControl™: Play with sticks, rods, and brushes, and switch your snare wires on or off for selected models via keyswitch and/or MIDI CC (e.g. sustain pedal). 

  • Use LUXURY's multi mapping features to assign several keys to a single articulation or to create unique layered sounds by triggering multiple sounds with a single key or drumpad. 

  • Deactivate unused articulations to reduce drumasonic's memory footprint.


The articulations page

The Effects Page

  • The integrated bus mixer might be the fastest and most efficient mixer you've ever worked with: select a bus, and its channel settings will appear instantly; touch an fx send knob and all relevant parameters are displayed automatically. No matter which detail you are working on, the "other end of the mixing desk" is just one single click away. 

  • Powerful link and "split link" modes allow you to adjust e.g. all your closemics' compressor thresholds with a single touch or to dampen high frequencies of all overhead, room, and trash microphones together. Don't be surprised if your drum mix is finished within less than 5 minutes: This was our intention.

  • drumasonic LUXURY provides ten fully-equipped mix buses and a master bus with 4-band parametric EQ (pre/post dynamics), compressor, transient shaper, tape saturation, stereo width, balance, reverb and delay send per channel as well as a master limiter with up to 24dB gain boost. Every bus can be routed either to the master bus or to direct outputs.

  • Custom designed "kit resonance convolution reverb" presets: In addition to the complex miking and recorded ambience, you can dial in mic bleed and tom resonance to create an even fuller and more natural drum sound.


The mixer page and the preset load menu

The Grooves Page

  • drumasonic LUXURY is shipping with a custom-recorded, production-ready groove library, covering a wide range of musical styles.

  • Unique realtime mapping converter: Import groove libraries from 3rd party manufacturers – no hassle with complicated mapping conversion – just select the source library format end press play. Done. 

  • Very musical and versatile groove modification engine: every drum loop – no matter if recorded, imported from a third party library or taken from the internal library – is automatically split into independent lanes, thereby making it possible to easily combine e.g. any bassdrum pattern with any hihat or cymbal pattern from any of your groove libraries in your DAW. 

  • Integrated groove recorder plus customizable metronome: choose from a selection of your favourite click sounds, ranging from cowbell to the most popular electronic click sounds.

  • Drag & drop MIDI file export: drag your grooves into the arrangement window of your DAW.

  The grooves page

drumasonic LUXURY requires a system that runs Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, or Windows 7/8, with ca. 7.3 GB of free hard disk space (download edition with lossless compressed 44.1 kHz/24 bit samples; representing 17 GB uncompressed). drumasonic LUXURY runs as stand-alone application as well as AU, VST, AAX and RTAS plug-in. With the purchase of drumasonic LUXURY, you qualify for a cross-grade offer to the full version of KONTAKT 5 by Native Instruments.

Video Demo

Audio Demos (Songs of the video)


6/8th Metal

Sticks, rods & brushes, wires on & off

Pop Ballad

Flying 8ths

Audio Demos (Drums only)

Three Presets

Toms with and w/o snare wires

Solo Performance

Dynamic Samba Groove (no FX): all mics

Dynamic Samba Groove (no FX): OH, close, M/S, A/B

Jazz with Sticks and Brushes

Here you can download the drumasonic LUXURY user manual in German and English language.

English version
German version
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