drumasonic 2 & LUXURY FAQ

Should I buy drumasonic 2 or drumasonic LUXURY?

Each product has its unique key features which, by the way, complement each other perfectly. Here's a comparison chart:

 drumasonic 2drumasonic LUXURY
Recording rooms Provides two distinct recording rooms "damped room" and "large room" Even though there's only one recording room, it sounds very powerful
Instrument models, Articulations Provides more instrument models but less articulations than LUXURY, e.g. extra percussion instruments (sticks, cowbell, tambourine, claps) in the damped room There are less instrument models, but more articulations, compared to drumasonic 2
Microphone signals Some models provide more or less microphone signals than others. In the "large room", we have captured true surround sound with a 5.1 mic setup. Provides more and a consistent set of microphone signals for all instruments
Rods & Brushes Available for some instruments only Available for all instrument models
Snare wires off Available for some instruments only Available for all instrument models
Round Robin Available for some instruments only Available for all instruments, i.e. better suitable for e-drums and sophisticated playing styles
Number of presets 55 (damped room), 27 (large room) 99


When playing with my e-drums, the hi-hat won't fully close or it opens too quickly or too slowly. How can I change this?

To adapt drumasonic's hi-hat behavior to a any e-drum module, please follow these steps:

- go to the articulations page. From the mapping drop-down menu, please load the most adequate mapping preset (e.g. "2BOX" or "V-Drums" etc.)
- go to the "Control" subpage (it's on the left side). On the right, you'll find the "'HH Control' Artic" table. Afterwards, you can fine-tune these values according to your specific module. Hint: engage the "follow MIDI" feature in the upper right corner, go back to the "articulations" page and check which articulation (openness) is being triggered while you're playing the hihat live.

To save your work, you can either save a custom mapping preset, or, if you want the current settings as default, overwrite the nki instrument.

Is there any way to get multiple outputs out of Kontakt and route signals to those?

Yes. Totally flexible and free routing is one of drumasonic's key strengths. You can create and configure as many KONTAKT (PLAYER) outputs as you like (see user manual, section 2.2) and then send any microphone signal to any internal bus or direct out. Even the internal buses can be sent to any direct out instead of to the master bus. Here’s a brief step-by-step setup guide:

- First, add new output channels in KONTAKT (PLAYER): Click on the "Output" icon, then choose "Add channels", configure their DAW channels in an ascending order (i.e. 1|2, 3|4, 5|6 etc.)
- save the current configuration as default for all formats: click on the menu "Presets / Batch Configuration" and select "Save current output section state as default for", "All Formats".
- save, close and re-load your session or KONTAKT (PLAYER) along with drumasonic.
- activate the outputs in your DAW – sometimes via so-called "AUX channels"

Now, you can route any signal, pre or post buses with their effects, to any of the created direct outs, if you do not want to mix "in the box" exclusively. The horizontal "Link" and/or vertical "All" Mode(s) are very useful tools to set up the routings in drumasonic. Alternatively, you can load drumasonic’s special routing presets from the "RESET" preset category. These presets are called "Default Routings", "Instruments to 7 direct outs", and "Buses to 8 direct outs".

Is there any way to get the Toms separated?

Yes, you can now access each tom (and each crash cymbal) and mix and route them individually.

How can I import third-party or custom MIDI grooves into drumasonic?

If you want to use your own MIDI files or third-party groove libraries with drumasonic (file type: MIDI file with one track, file extension: ".mid"), simply copy those files or folders into the "Grooves" subfolder of your "drumasonic 2" main folder, and restart drumasonic. Even if those external grooves have a different mapping format, drumasonic can easily convert any mappings in real time. Simply select the proper "interpretation mapping" from the grooves page's drop-down menu as the source format. Then go to the articulations page and select from "Load mapping..." any target format, for instance the "drumasonic" preset.

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